Bringing High Quality Infrared Imaging To Your Practice!


Forming a strategic partnership with your local medical infrared technician will add an amazing new modality to your practice. Mobile Medical Thermography services come to your office to provide a valuable new screening program for you and your clients and patients.


Benefits include:

  • Offers a new look at the inflammatory processes and functionality of the body.
  • Provides a service to holistic-minded women who prefer non-invasive breast health screening. Thermography is an FDA cleared adjunct to mammography.
  • Helps the practitioner to guide and monitor treatment.
  • Follow up imaging with comparative interpretation shows you and the patient that your protocols are working or need to be adjusted to heal patients successfully.
  • Adds a new income stream to your practice. Your technician can promote the value of your products and services and pay rent to your space for the day.
  • Patient education – Technicians work with your patients to help them understand the value of thermography and how the images can benefit them.

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